INGREDIENT Spotlight ON: Matcha Green Tea



Containing 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea, Japanese Matcha has been known for centuries for its energy boosting, mind focusing and metabolism enhancing properties. It has been drunk as part of the tea ceremony for 900 years and used by Buddhist monks to keep them alert and focussed during long days of meditation.

As a result of its antioxidant, nutrient and vitamin content matcha is now an established superfood- not only drunk as a tea but used as an ingredient in a whole host of healthy recipes including smoothies, desserts and even salad dressings (you can find some great matcha recipe ideas over at our friends Matcha Maiden (!.

It is these same properties that make matcha such a powerful ingredient when applied topically, its extensive antioxidants working hard to fight skin damaging free radicals, detoxify, fight bacteria, replenish skin cells and as an anti-ageing agent. 

We use matcha green tea powder in our Raw Coconut & Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub with Baobab & Rosemary. The matcha powder we use is organic and ceremonial grade - coming from the finest, smallest shade grown leaves from the very tip of the tea bush. It comes from Uji, a region high in the hills around Kyoto, renowned for producing the best Japanese teas. Only accessibly by foot, this remote area is unpolluted and rich in local spiders, ladybugs and praying mantis to keep the pests under control, eliminating the need for pesticides. Shade grown for the final few months to allow the leaves to fill with chlorophyll, giving it its vibrant green colour, the finest young tea buds are picked, dried and ground in a granite mortar to produce the matcha powder.

Combined with the omega fatty acids in baobab oil and the vitamins and minerals in raw coconut sugar, pink Himalayan salt, loose leaf green tea, cold pressed jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and Sister & Co. Coconut Oil, this scrub is skin superfood. 

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